Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Comfort of Psalms

A co-worker (Debbie) has a daughter, Jessica, who has been having some major health issues with a congenital heart condition that has led to stage D heart failure, and now has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer as well.  Jessica is in her 20s and was married just a couple of years ago to Shawn, and they have a beautiful little daughter, Aidan, who was born quite premature at less than 2 lbs.  Jessica's story is a compelling one, she has endured so much through her young life, so I decided to make her a quilt that's just for her and will hopefully comfort her while she's going through all the tough times.  I made it with 3 stars in it, to represent Jessica, Shane, and Aidan, and placed a Psalms scripture verse inside each one of them, and then surrounded them with Psalms scripture verses as well.  I gave it to Debbie for Jessica last week at work and she cried, of course.  It truly was a labor of love to make, and is quite worth the effort.  I hope Jessica likes it as well, and draws strength and comfort from the scriptures on it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vendor Fair booth

Here's a pic of my booth for the Arkansas Man Quilter at the employee vendor fair today at work.  It went really well, gave out lots of my info handouts and business cards to very many interested people.  So a good time!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Employee Vendor Fair

We're having an employee vendor fair at work this week, so I created a slideshow to run in my booth and show examples of my work.  It's the first time I've done one of these, so hopefully it goes well!