Art Gallery

Here are a few paintings that I've done, most are in oils, some in watercolors. Click on a pic to see a larger view of it.

The Blue Jar.

White Tulips.

Jug and Grapes.

The Harpist.

The Jazz Band.

Oil painting that I did of my oldest daughter, Meagan.

Watercolor painting that I did of the home that I grew up in at 512 River Street in Benton, AR.  It burned down in November 1978 when I was in high school.  I miss that house.

Pen and ink drawing that I did as a fundraiser of the elementary school where I went, Westside Elementary in Benton, AR.


  1. I went to Westside Elementary in Medford, Oregon.

  2. Beautiful portraits and paintings! Wonderful that you have the lovely, perfect painting of the house you grew up in, so you can cherish the memory of it. You are a great and talented artist! i love the glorious painting of your daughter.