Sunday, December 5, 2010

quilt using Kansas Trouble's "Garden Inspirations"

Here's a quilt that I made for my boss's mother for Christmas. It was made using fabrics from the "Garden Inspiration" collection by the Kansas Troubles designer, and measures 56" x 66". I have another one in progress for his father using the same pattern but using homespun wovens fabrics instead for a more "manly" looking quilt.


  1. Could you tell me what pattern was used for this quilt? Is it a bargello? I love Kansas Troubles fabric and love your quilt.

    Dianne Sanders

  2. It's a very similar concept to the bargello and uses the same basic idea. The pattern is called 'Twelve Step Program' from the book called "Bundles of Fun" by Karen Snyder. But if you know how to do a bargello, you could do the same thing.