Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quilt made from vintage signature blocks

Below are pics of a quilt that I made from someone's vintage quilt blocks. The blocks were made in 1935 for her mother who retired as a school teacher upon her marriage. The blocks were made by families of her students with each block having an embroidered name of one of her students. Each block measures 14" square, and the entire quilt measures 88" x 88".


  1. I love the way this quilt turned out with the vintage blocks. I inherited several signature blocks from the 50's. They were in my grandmother's sewing and quilting goodies. I was the only grandchild out of 18 that wanted my Grandmother's goodies. This gives me an idea on how to use my blocks.

  2. I - Love - It !!!!!!! Beautiful!! These blocks are so inspiring.