Monday, May 16, 2011

"Evening Bloom" - quilting has started

I have started quilting on my "Evening Bloom" quilt.  It's large, 102" x 102".  The pattern for this quilt is from the "Country Inn" book by Blackbird Designs.  Below is a pic of what I'm currently doing, which is filling in the background area. 

And below is a pic of the what the entire quilt top looks like.  All of the applique was done by fusing it with SoftFuse and then machine stitching the edges with a blanket stitch.


  1. I have this as a to do, I just love the fabric. Your work is stunning, I feel I am so fortunate to have the fabric in my hands. Thanks for the advice on the soft fuse. It will be awhile before I start this quilt. Absolutely stunning.

  2. What a gorgeous quilt. And, your background filler is really working with the pattern. Are you a long arm quilter or DSM? Enjoy it. Lane

  3. Thanks, y'all. Lane - I'm quilting it on my Gammill Premier longarm.