Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another "Winter Garden" block done - "Coxcomb"

Here's a pic of the second Winter Garden block that I've done (color is kind of washed out, not a good pic).  This one is called "Coxcomb".  It is only fused down at this point, I need to machine stitch the edges next.  This is the last one that will have the deep purples for the flower heads and buds.  The rest will have a deep red in them (see fabrics in second pic).  I'm pretty much following the color choices from the pattern, but making a few alterations here and there.

I've been refining the color palette for this quilt a little.  I've added in the purples and reds you see at the bottom of the pic, and removed the blues.  I had intended to use those blues for the birds that I have planned for the borders, but I'm going to do them in blacks now instead, i.e., Blackbird Designs.  :)  Quilting is an art form and art is all about change and adapting as we develop the piece, so we make adjustments as we go along.  Sometimes minor, sometimes major.  But if something isn't working for you, shake it up and make a change.


  1. Eddie... Your applique is exquisite!

    I so agree with you that quilting IS enormous fun! I cannot remember a time that quilting did not touch me in some way. I grew up playing under my grandmother's quilting frames. My maternal grandmother quilted more than my paternal grandmother but between the both of them, there was a quilt on the frame EVERY day!

    "If something isn't working for you, shake it up and make a change"... I am printing this out and hanging it in my studio!!

    I am so glad you linked up to the quilt show! Please pass the word on to your friends who quilt!

  2. Eddie, Well, you've inspired me to get out my applique! I love the Blackbird designs too, and seeing yours makes me want to start right away. Love your photos of all the fabrics you're using. Loved your remark about buying ten yards of a background! And, a couple of posts back...loved the photos of your prepared bias. I can remember doing yards of it for vines and when I was through, I always thought I had done a really big job. Makes you feel good to have it done. Yes, you've inspired me this morning! pat

  3. Oh my. Wow. That took a lot of work, I can tell! I'm stopping by from the quilt show, thanks for sharing your work!