Saturday, November 5, 2011

And some flea market finds...

In addition to the fabrics I bought at Rabbit's Lair, we hit some flea markets today on the way back home.  And looky at what I found.  I don't know if this thing will even work or not, but the case was in pristine condition and there was a bag of accessories with it, as well as the original manual.  So I decided to get it.  It may become just a piece of decor, but I liked it a lot.

And I've started collected pastry blenders for some reason, don't know why, I just think they're cool.  So I added to my collection today.  Imagine all the pies these things have brought into someone's life. :)

And I also like marbles, so I added to my collection of those today.


  1. Wow, not only did you pick buy some beautiful fabrics.....I also like the treasures you brought home. Looks like a bakelite handle on one of those pastry blenders. That machine will be lovely even if it doesn't work...they are very pleasing to the eyes.

  2. You'll likely love that old machine. Looks like maybe a National, made for a store named Piedmont. Don't let the bobbin shuttle throw you. It works on the same principle as a round bobbin. Have fun and use lots of oil. Lane

  3. I sure envy you that machine......!

  4. The sewing machine is very pretty!
    It's interesting to see that you collect the pastry blenders. :)