Friday, December 16, 2011

A quilt for our guild's president

Below are a couple of pics of a quilt that I made for the president of our statewide guild, Leah Sample, as her end-of-year thank you gift from members of the guild.  The light colored thin border is actually a bunch of signature blocks that were signed by member of the guild that I then assembled into a border.  My wife, Melissa, appliqued the leaves on the blocks, and did the hand-stitching of the binding as well.  Leah is a very good friend and I was very happy to make this quilt for her.  She was quite surprised, too, and loved it!

(the above pic taken by Tiffanee Noack, our guild photographer.)

(the above pic taken by me.)

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  1. What a gift to receive, your quilts are beyond quilt making. You are a great great artist. I have some of that fabric. Happy Holidays.