Saturday, February 18, 2012

Judy's round robin quilt

A good friend, Judy, from a quilt guild that I'm in asked if I could quilt a quilt top that she had made a while back.  It's a "round robin" quilt, meaning that she and others in her small quilting group each contributed blocks to the making of the top.  And the blocks are all spectacularly beautiful.  The center stars were pieced by Sarah Ziegenbien, a fellow guild member and quilter extraordinaire, who passed away back in 2010.  Although we discussed some possibilities for quilting it, Judy basically gave me carte blanche with the quilt, telling me to quilt it however I wanted.  So here I had before me a blank canvas of sorts, and I was ready to have some fun with the needle on it.  Below are pics of the end result (click on one for a closer view). This was a pleasure to quilt given the piecing perfection by those who made the blocks.


  1. It's beautiful Eddie! You did a wonderful job. I expect nothing less. LOL

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  3. You have a gift for choosing the perfect quilting technique to enhance the beauty of the blocks. Great work!