Friday, August 3, 2012

My "Winter Garden" continues....

Well, it's been way too dang hot outside to be doing anything in the out of doors, so I've been doing a lot of quilting lately.  Some for others, some for myself.  And been on vacation to the beach, too.  But here's some pics of my "Winter Garden" epic quilt that I've been working on since October of last year.  Right now, I'm working on the borders, which will be branches with some blackbirds sitting on them.  I'm really liking the look of this and had some fun with the placement of the birds.  Some are just sitting on the branch, others are in flight and about to land, others are craning their necks around to see what's going on behind them.  I still have some berries to make and hand-stitch down on the borders, but after that I'll be ready to put the borders on the top and get it on the longarm and start quilting it.  More to come, soon!

(click on each pic to see a larger view of it.)


  1. Oh what a tease...cannot wait to see the whole quilt!!!! Are you needleturning the applique? That is something I hope to try soon.

  2. No, this is fused machine-stitched applique. I'm impatient, so like to do it by machine, haha.

  3. OOPS, if I would have enlarged the pictures I would have realized that. Still looking forward to more pictures of the quilt!