Friday, June 7, 2013

Displaying quilts in the home...

I saw a post by Moda Fabrics today on Facebook that provided a link to a page that showed different ways to display quilts in the home.  I was really interested in that because I had just been stacking them up in the corner of the bedroom, but had been trying to figure out something different.  One suggestion was to use the lower shelf in a foyer table to stack them on, which I really like.  This allows them to be easily seen when entering and leaving, so I stacked my favorite ones on my foyer table as shown in the pic below.  (Note: We normally keep our front door closed, so sun exposure will not be an issue here.)

Here's the link to the page on displaying quilts for more ideas:

** click on the picture for a larger view **

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  1. Thanks for the link! one thing I have done, having seen in done in American patchwork and Quilting magazine....use a wooden changing table, from the baby's nursery. Open shelves and easy to move to any room!