Sunday, July 25, 2010

Workin' in the cave...

Working on quilting a top that I finished the other day. It's the largest one I've made so far, about 82" x 94". I had trouble deciding how to quilt it but then tried to do something creative with it that didn't quite turn out as expected. But I'll trudge on with it and make do. I think I can salvage it. It's a continuous learning process, so if I don't try new things then I'll be stuck doing old things, right? There, my philosophical thought for the day. :)

One of the quilt guilds that I'm a member of is having our bi-annual show in November. I REALLY need to get busy on the quilt that I intend to enter. It's looking doubtful now as to whether I'll have it done, so may just have to substitute another for it. But I plan on entering several, so it won't be the end of the world if this one doesn't get done in time. Back to the cave.

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