Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quilt Guilds

I'm a member of the Arkansas Quilt Guild (joined in August 2009), as well as the Hot Springs Area Quilt Guild (joined July 2010). Both are great guilds and we have lots of fun going to the monthly meetings of each one. At the AQG, I'm also the Newletter Ad/Publicity Chairman, and in 2011 I will be the chairman of the Spring AWOL getaway in April 2011. AWOL (Arkansas Women On the Loose + guys, too) is where we go to the Ferndale camp with our sewing machines and stuff and spend 3 days just sewing and being creative. What a fun time! Melissa and I went to the one in February 2010, and will be going to the one in September 2010 as well. Looking forward to it!

But back to the subject of guilds. Guilds are great for getting to share your love of quilting with others, so if you're not a member of your local one then I'd really encourage you to seek one out. Unfortunately, my local county guild does not allow men to join (Boo!), but I'm glad I didn't get discouraged by that and instead sought out one that would allow me to join (thank you, Arkansas Quilt Guild!). When Melissa and I joined the HSAQG, the president announced it to the group and said that she was really glad they were a "mixed league" now. :)

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