Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage quilt top #9 that I made into a quilt for a customer

Below are pics of another vintage quilt top that I recently made into a quilt. The top was made (all hand-pieced) by Mary Susan (Weathers) Senter, and she was born in 1843 and died in 1937 at age 93. She married Robert Winthrop Senter in 1861 when she was 18. So the top predates at least 1937.

This is one of about a dozen tops that belonged to a couple that I'm good friends with (he's the grandson of Mary Susan Senter). It measures 70" x 82". It's amazing to me how vivid the colors in the fabrics still are after 70-80 years.

I quilted this on my longarm just doing a meandering quilting.


  1. How did you get it to lay flat? I have several very old tops and the edges are wavy. I've pressed them and they are still waving at me,lol.
    I was thinking of just loading the first one and pulling it as tight as I can without ripping the seams to force it flat?? Any thoughts?
    Thank you, Amie in Tn.

  2. On a lot of these old tops like this it is really hard to get them to lay flat. A lot of the blocks are "belled" because of the way they hand pieced them as the outer edges of the blocks fell into their laps. When quilting these, I tend to pull them pretty tight, but not so tight that it will stretch the seams apart. They are definitely a challenge!