Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Cosmos....

 Here's a couple of pics of the wall hanging that I'm working on. If you've seen some of my previous projects, you know that this is really quite a departure for me from the traditional things I've done. It's done in the batiks and is based on a quilt in the book "Strips 'n Curves" by Louisa L. Smith. When finished, it will measure about 50" x 42". This has been a LOT of fun working on and I'm enjoying the "artsy" aspect of it. I used to paint years ago, so this is a lot like using fabrics to paint. I still need to add the borders and will then start quilting it. I've decided that I really like piecing curves. 


  1. It looks wonderful! What a gorgeous blending of colors, awesome job!

  2. Love the colors, Eddie. You always do great work.

  3. Found your blog on the board and to come and check it out! Great quilt and love the colors. Looking forward to watching you and your quilts.