Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some notion bags for traveling...

I'm going to be going to India in late September on business for a couple of weeks. I've decided to make a top and take it with me and do some hand-applique on it while there, so will need some bags to take my stuff in.

I used some 1800s reproduction fabrics to make them out of, with a zipper on the side of each one. I made the larger one to take my hoop in, and the smaller one will be used to carry scissors, thread, etc., and will slide inside the larger one. I used batting between the layers to make them cushioned as well, and then quilted a simple cross-hatch across them. Now I (hopefully) won't go stir crazy while I'm over there. :)


  1. I think you have a great idea here, and the fact that you made your own custom bags to carry stuff just makes it better. (Besides, you can use them other times, also.) I made sure to take handwork on a trip to England a few years ago.
    I'm here commenting because I would like to buy the Hickory Nut templates, but I live in Tennessee - too far to zip down and buy them. I emailed the folks at the store asking if I could make the purchase on the phone via credit card or by sending a check and asked for a little more information on sizes (I can see wanting at least 2 sets) - but I haven't heard from them. They think (and rightfully so) you're a great customer and draw, so maybe they would take a suggestion from you that they help those of us not in the neighborhood to purchase. I would have simply purchased them elsewhere, but the closest things to their product (whose design is exceptional) that I could find are in Australia, which means shipping would be dreadfully expensive.

    Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.


    p.s. as soon as I decide which charm squares to use, I am going to make a name thingy for my teacher daughter like the one you made for your wife! She loved the picture when I showed it to her.

  2. You should be able to contact them directly at Hickory Hill Sewing Center here:
    Phone: (501) 318-2SEW

    Julie handles their mail sales, so she should be able to get you fixed up! They're a lot of fun!